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Michael Harris is an oil painter, song-writer and world traveller from Toronto. Michael is self
taught, having never sought out formal training in art.
"Even as a child, I  always preferred to be self-directed, progressing through exploration, experiment and self-discovery - rather than being instructed. It is a sentiment that has remained with me to this day.
Needless to say, the appeal of art college was more or less lost on me."


Following high school, Michael made an attempt at compromise by studying graphic design at George Brown College in Toronto. Not surprisingly, he soon became disenchanted with this choice.  The immediacy of travel as a form of self-education better suited his temperament; not to mention his desire for knowledge of life and the world.
Seven months of immersing himself in the galleries and culture of Europe at 19 was followed by a
year long stay in Australia at 21. At 24, to mark his transition to the ranks of professional
artist, Michael took his paints and palette on his year long "trip around the world" - painting
his way through Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Nepal, India, Greece, Turkey and the UK.


Michael has spent years developing and evolving his approach to painting in oils. His work tends to
fall into two general streams - enigmatic, provocative figure paintings of his Crucified
Mountie and Tower Of People series; and his haunting and atmospheric landscape paintings
which have been consistently sought after by top designers and art enthusiasts in Toronto for
several years now.
Michael's work is deeply influenced by his interest in psychology, consciousness studies, Buddhism, politics, and the Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber.
"The nature of painting is unique in that it captures  the moment to moment flicker and flow of  inspiration itself. Each brush stroke, each colour selection is a single moment held in place.  Painting  therefore has this mysterious ability to transcend the boundaries between people over vast stretches of time.
In an era when so much of human experience and interaction is mediated by impersonal electronic technologies, the hands on physicality of a great painting can be really refreshing and impressive. It's the "I can't believe someone made this-ness" of it. Perhaps as the 21st century progresses there will be a renewed interest and demand for magnificent works of art."

Michael has been represented by Gallery 133 in Toronto’s “Design District” for the past tent years. He has also been represented by Art Interiors in Forest Hill since 1994. 

Michael is represented in Australia by Jackman Gallery of Melbourne.

Michael is also being represented by Rouge Concept Gallery in Toronto, and Terrance Robert Gallery in Ottawa.